September 29, 2015

A Fall Birthday Celebration

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My beautiful and talented wife threw the most incredible surprise birthday party last Fall, ushering me into my 30’s in the best way I could have imagined! This night was beyond special to me and I can’t thank her enough for creating such a wonderful setting for my friends and family to come together and celebrate.

Here are Caroline’s words, further explaining the night from her perspective:

“In my family, we place strong a emphasis on celebrations. We are always looking for an excuse to get together and throw a party, anticipate an upcoming milestone or speak love into each other’s lives, so when Clark’s big 3-0 approached, I knew I wanted to create something unforgettable. Instead of throwing a “big” party and inviting everyone we knew, I decided to invite 10 of our closest couple friends to a long sit down dinner in my parent’s beautiful backyard. I wanted it to be intimate and intentional. It was actually a surprise party, but in order to document the day, I surprised Clark before everyone arrived so he could take pictures. As he was photographing the table, he walked around to find each of the table placement cards and one by one he was able to see who was coming! It was a chilly night in late November so we set up several fire pits and had a whisky bar and s’mores on hand for later. One of our close friends is a talented chef here in Nashville and we hired him to come and prepare all of the food. With each course he came out and told us about the dish and how he had prepared it. The food was indescribably delicious! About halfway through the night, I asked for anyone who felt inclined to stand and speak a few words of encouragement into Clark’s life as he passed from his 20’s into his 30’s. In my family, this is a tradition for each birthday we celebrate so it was fun to incorporate our friends into it this year. I feel that everyone should have a moment in their lives where close friends and family can speak about them openly, encouraging them and lifting them up. For me, these moments in life seem to be the ones I remember the most. After the speeches, friends and family stayed and celebrated late into the night. It turned into a perfect Fall night under the stars that we will never forget!”


Styling: Caroline Brewer // Invitations: Joya Rose // Food: Somoni Kigweba // Chair Rentals: 12th Table // Photography: Clark Brewer

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