Artful documentation of the unplanned and beautifully real moments of your wedding day.

Super 8 Films

Super 8 film captures the essence of family, love, and togetherness in a way no other medium can. The warm, grainy texture and vibrant colors, coupled with the beautiful imperfections, vividly bring to life a world that is both familiar and distant. With time, these films will become an essential part of your family narrative, shared with loved ones for generations to come.

Partner Photographers

For the past decade, Clark has committed to investing in a small group of talented photographers and videographers to become part of his creative team. To him, working with a core team that understands his vision and his approach on a wedding weekend is vital. If Clark is unavailable for your date, his longtime assistant and second shooter, Darius is another incredible option.

For over 10 years, Darius has been working alongside Clark learning from him and honing his craft. Clark considers Darius his secret weapon, as they constantly push each other to go beyond the ordinary. Anyone with the opportunity to work alongside such a talented, joyful, and kind human should consider themselves lucky.

In our client's words...

Ashley & Chris

"Clark does not sit back and capture moments as a captive observer, rather he opens himself up to the unique energy of each couple he photographs and participates in the celebration of love alongside them. With each image he invites the viewer into that sacred space with him. It takes a truly humble, empathetic and energetic person to do this and I can say from experience he does it with such ease. I am very grateful for Clark and his perspective!"

Meredith & Pierce

"I was expecting them to be good, but I wasn’t expecting them to leave me speechless. Clark not only captured the physical beauty of my daughter and her fiancé, but their inner beauty as well. He managed to commandeer that tenderness through his lens and deliver it to the viewer with subtle artistry. The design and execution of these photographs is quite simply stunning. Thank you for immortalizing our children and the love they share with an eye that suggests you’ve known them for years. And thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us on this most auspicious occasion. We could not be more grateful to you."

Ann & Noah

"Clark! There is a much more thoughtful thank you note to come, but we didn't want to let any more time go by without saying THANK YOU for our amazing photos and video! We are absolutely in love with them and spent all night reliving our entire wedding weekend. I can already imagine us looking back on them for anniversaries and with our children one day and feeling that same sense of happiness and joy. Thank you, thank you!"

Claire & Erik

"Working with Clark is like working with a dear friend you haven't seen in years. He's intuitive and thoughtful, with the ability to see and hear you fully, and to deliver photos of your day that are true to you. At the same time, Clark has a unique point of view and passion for capturing truth. Because of this, he also delivers photos of your day that will surprise you, capturing vignettes you would never have experienced otherwise. For us, this was everything we were hoping for in a photographer."

Meredith & Pierce

"Clark's work is powerful and unlike any I’ve come across. I’ve gotten to know a lot of photographers during my time at my firm, but I have yet to find one who is able to capture a moment in time the way Clark does, in its rawest, purest form. His passion, his intentionality, and his personable nature shine through each photograph. The beauty is in the authenticity and the perfect imperfections. It is a rare and treasured sight to behold. Suffice it to say, I am in awe of the way he was able to capture the pure joy and intimacy of our special day and the grace with which he did so. My mind had already been blown by the engagement shoot and the wedding images just sent me over the edge.

I am thankful that our family has these beautiful forever treasures but even more so, thankful that we have gained a friend in Clark."

Mary & Pierce

"After sifting through the many images in our gallery, I just have to share my initial reaction - I am absolutely overjoyed! Clark and his team captured so many amazing moments that I will cherish my entire life. From our pup Mooshu, my parents' house, and the landscape that mean so much to me, to our family and friends in intimate and euphoric moments, and of course me and Pierce on such a special day. Not to mention the myriad obstacles we encountered - Clark made the absolute most of it all, and it came together beautifully.

Like Clark said, embrace the chaos and glorify the real over the perfect. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Clark's eye, skill, artistry, technique - whatever it is, it's magic!

Here's to beautiful moments and a little rock & roll!"

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