Partner Photographer // Darius Fitzgerald

Darius has been Clark's right-hand man since 2013. During this time, he has captured some of Clark's favorite images. As Clark's longtime assistant and second photographer, Darius understands what it takes to capture the essence of a wedding, regardless of its size. His portfolio showcases a unique style that combines editorial, documentary, and lifestyle photography, reflecting his love of life and passion for capturing the present moment in a genuine and honest way.

Although Darius is a talented photographer, he did not start his career in the wedding industry, which his clients find refreshing. Darius has a unique ability to capture a moment beautifully, unlike anyone else. His calming presence and unique approach make him the perfect photographer to document some of life's most important and fleeting moments.

For more than a decade, Darius has been working alongside Clark learning from him and honing his craft. Clark considers Darius his secret weapon, as they constantly push each other to go beyond the ordinary. Anyone with the opportunity to work alongside such a talented, joyful, and kind human should consider themselves lucky.

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